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Monkey Tour Manuel Antonio - 7 Hours

There are 109 different animals living in the area of Manuel Antonio, and there are 184 species of avifauna. These species of birds in Manuel Antonio include the tucancillo, the pelican, the guaco, the gavilan pescador (in English the sparrow hawk fisher), the martin pescador verde and the chirin coca. Some species of mammals on the park grounds consist of raccoons, coatis, guatusas, two and three-toed sloths, white-faced monkeys, large felids and squirrel and spider monkeys. There are also nesting sea turtles such as the Ridley Sea Turtle and the Green Sea Turtle that head to the shore of Manuel Antonio to lay eggs year round (Green) and from the beginning of November for the Olive Ridley. The trip includes lunch in a restaurant who have one of the better view of Manuel Antonio Park !

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